Award Budget

According to the statutory guidelines, total funding support levels (including direct costs, indirect costs, and fee) are $168,087 for Phase I awards and $1,120,586 for Phase II awards. In certain cases, the US Congress allows awards to exceed these amounts by up to 50% ($256,131 for Phase I and $1,680,879 for Phase II- hard cap). Budgets that exceed the hard caps (more than $256,580 for Phase I and more than $1,710,531 for Phase II) must receive a waiver of approval from US Small Business Administration (SBA). NIH - not the applicant - must apply for this waiver. The list of NIDA waivers can be found in the Program Descriptions and Research Topics and APPENDIX A. If adequate justification is provided and research focus is within NIDA’s SBA approved waiver, applicants may request up to $320,000 in total costs with the project period up to 1.5 years; or up to $2,500,000 in total costs with the project period up to 3 years for Phase II.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact NIDA SBIR and STTR Representatives prior to submitting any application in excess of the guidelines. In all cases, applicants should propose a budget that is reasonable and appropriate for completion of the research project. For programmatic, budgetary or administrative reasons, NIDA may decrease the length of an award and/or the budget, or not fund an application. If applicants choose to request funds above the approved hard caps, they are strongly advised to contact NIDA SBIR/STTR Program Staff prior to application submission.