NIH Resources for Translation Neuroscience

NIH is the largest source of funding for medical research in the world, funding thousands of scientists and supporting many innovative training programs and funding mechanisms that foster scientific creativity and exploration. This includes, very specific programs that can help small businesses move their product through product development. Programs span from identifying novel disease targets through Phase IV clinical trials.  The PDF below outlines NIH’s NIH Resources for Translational Neuroscience with active links and contact information:  

Training Modules to Enhance Rigor and Reproducibility in Neuroscience Research 

Addressing the need for systematic, formal training for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, NIDA joins NIGMS (RFA-GM-15-006) and supported the Society of Neuroscience (SfN) project, "Promoting Awareness and Knowledge to Enhance Scientific Rigor in Neuroscience". SfN has partnered with leading neuroscientists to offer a series of webinar-based training modules and the workshops that address scientific, technical, and interpersonal skills necessary to tackle issues of scientific rigor in neuroscience:

Webinar #1: Improving Experimental Rigor and Enhancing Data Reproducibility in Neuroscience

Webinar #2: Best Practices in Experimental Design and Execution

Webinar #3: Best Practices in Post-Experimental Data Analysis

Webinar #4: Best Practices in Data Management and Reporting

Webinar #5: Statistical Application in Neuroscience

Webinar #6: Experimental Design to Minimize Systemic Biases: Lessons from Rodent Behavioral Assays and Electrophysiology Studies

Workshop #1: Tackling Challenges in Scientific Rigor: The (Sometimes) Messy Reality of Science