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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) at NIH?

    NIH Entrepreneurs in Residence are highly experienced life sciences ventures and business executives who work 1:1 with select SBIR companies at a certain stage on preparation for private follow on financing and/or partnering objectives, among other things. NIH EIRs are currently Dr. Ethel Rubin and John Sullivan, who bring a combined 50 years of experience taking products through commercial launch and investing in next gen therapies and technologies. Learn more about Ethel and John.

  2. What are the time commitments required to work with an EIR?

    Our EIRs are currently working 1:1 with company executives and the time commitment is all dependent on the company’s or executive’s needs. Requests for deal evaluation could take as little as a single phone call while preparing a company for pitching to investors starting from scratch may take 3-5 hours of time with an EIR besides for whatever time the Management team needs to gather material together and create the beginnings of a pitch deck or executive summary. All sessions with EIRs are held via phone conference, WebEx and email exchanges.

  3. Is there a cost for me to get assistance from an NIH EIR?

    No, this is a FREE resource for SBIR/STTR company CEOs and executives at a certain stage of development and grant status.

  4. Are there any terms and conditions if I am getting help from an NIH EIR?

    There are no strings attached when working with an EIR. The only expectation is that the CEO will respond to email or phone call requests for follow up or feedback and inform the EIR ventures team of any of the many successes NIH hopes you have towards your fundraising, dealmaking and commercial objectives!

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